Barbara Wood Yoga



I have a background in modern dance and am a certified Yoga for Osteoporosis and Yoga for Back Pain therapist. I trained under Loren Fishman, MD, and have over 4000 hours of teaching experience. I help my students improve their balance, posture and strength within their capacity.




Gentle Yoga

Focusing on individual needs of the students, poses are broken down into small steps to increase awareness and alignment. Beginners welcome.

Yoga for Osteoporosis

A method developed by Loren M.Fishman, MD,
in which selected poses are held for
30 seconds to stimulate bone growth.


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga allows you to build up strength while being kind to your knees, hips and ankle joints.


My Classes

We can’t wait until our child takes its first steps and speaks its first words until it reaches school age and we tell it to sit down and shut up.  Sir Ken Robinson

Our body is meant to move. Practicing yoga allows us to stay strong and flexible.


Pilates & Yoga

Dynamic movements combined with yoga stretches build core strength, coordination and balance. This class works with a Pilates ring and a thera band.

Restorative Yoga

We hold our poses in this class for an average of 5 minutes, resulting in deep relaxation. This class is placed at the end of the week and requires a bolster.


Yoga for Back

This class recognizes different, sometimes opposing needs for various conditions like stenosis and hernia and is for strengthening the back.


818 - 636 3845


MONDAY:      7:00AM      MORNING YOGA      

                 9:00AM      GENTLE YOGA      

              10:30AM     CHAIR YOGA       

                      5:00PM     GENTLE YOGA*         

                                  TUESDAY:       8:30AM     WALK & YOGA at DESCANSO GARDENS**      

WEDNESDAY:    9:00AM     YOGA FOR BACK         

                                                       5:00PM     WALK & YOGA at DESCANSO GARDENS**                     

   THURSDAY:     8:00AM     YOGA AT THE PARK***

                                   10:30AM     STRETCH & STRENGTHEN****

                                                                     ADVENTIST LIVE WELL SENIOR PROGRAM


                  FRIDAY:   9:00AM    YOGA FOR BONE STRENGTH

        10:30AM    CHAIR YOGA

                    4:30PM    RESTORATIVE YOGA

                                            (last Friday of the month)


SATURDAY:   9:00AM    YOGA                    



www.adventisthealth.org FREE classes for 60+



Walk & Yoga
Descanso Gardens


SPRING SERIES: Tuesday 03/15 - 05/03 & Wednesday 03/16 - 05/04
SUMMER SERIES I: Tuesday 05/17 - 07/05 & Wednesday 05/18 - 07/06
SUMMER SERIES II: Tuesday 07/12 - 08/30 & Wednesday 07/13 - 08/31
FALL SERIES: Tuesday 09/06 - 09/27

Yoga Props

Sticky yoga mat - 2 blocks (4“x6“x9“) - 10‘ D-ring strap* - firm blankets - 2 chairs (for chair yoga) - bolster* (for restorative yoga). Pilates ring & Thera-band 6’   Hugger Mugger*



I met Barbara more than 30 years ago in Amsterdam, where we both studied dance at the School for New Dance Development. She moved to the States, I stayed in Amsterdam, but we kept contact through all the years. With the beginning of the pandemic, Barbara offered her yoga classes online, which was great for me, because I could finally follow her sessions, despite the enormous distance of two continents.

I really enjoy her classes, she is a wonderful and very experienced teacher. The combination of her knowledge, expertise, humor and warmth is truly unique. Her classes are inspiring, dynamic and calming at the same time and I always feel strongly energized in a healthy way.

It’s great to see how she teaches with a lot of respect for, and interest in everybody’s needs. Personal problems are addressed and poses are modified if necessary which creates a welcoming and trusting space. Highly recommended!! - Uli 

I‘ve been working with Barbara online now for a year. Her classes have opened me to the world of yoga in a way that no other instructor has in my past. In addition to being an excellent and knowledgeable teacher, Barbara has also mastered the art of online teaching with her clear instruction and individual attention. She brings warmth and enthusiasm with an occasional touch of levity to each session! Thank you Barbara. - Tory

Barbara is far and above my favorite yoga teacher. I find myself revived in body and spirit in her classes. Her method incorporates her dance training, innate intelligence and compassion to provide an excellent full body workout...She will help you to reach your full potential in safety and your form will improve. - Noni

I’ve met Barbara a year ago. Previous yoga instructors had helped me to work around my injuries, spinal surgeries and resulting limitations. Barbara has taken the time, finding ways for me to participate more fully in the class. She is an observant instructor, offering guidance to her individual yogis so each can get most out of their practice. I am so thankful to have found such a caring instructor! - April

I don’t want to sound over dramatic but Barbara’s yoga practice has changed my life. Her experience and guidance have helped me better understand my body and because of this I am in better physical and mental health. Can’t thank Barbara enough! - Stella